In a world of fear of the terror from hell, one man will stand over and save the children of the Earth in the Universe. This is the story of one destiny, one combat in the ring of fire, one Bézu.

All the millenaries, down the infinite space come the soldiers from the Empire of Evil. The soldiers are courageous, and armed with the last arms. They serve to the Master of Cyberskyforce, and sacrifice their death for the protecting of the Tasmanian Devil. In the past, they have warning to the future: "So please, stay off my back, or I will attack, and you don't want that!". Their name is frightened all above the galaxy: they are the Predators!

In the council of the Predators, one Predator must be elected to the ultimate flight of the last chance. All the Predators are voting, but not the Predatettes because they have not the right to choose the final winner. His name is Crockett, and he is an expert in comptability.

The voyage into the rocket is very long, and he is preparing for the match. He thinks only about this final battle. He is the nose in the armageddon. Then, he sees Mars in the Milky Way, and it will appear a blue point in the far, the Earth, his final path.

Paf, he jumps out the fly. He can not recognise where he is, because this is the night. But he knows the mission what he should accomplish: find the ultimate fighter and to prove the other Predators that he is squarely a good warrior. He decides to disguise himself into a normal guy, and he starts to make some stop at the border of the road. He walks, he walks, but then he says: "The cars have not stopped because they think I am Anthony Kavanagh". He is disgusted, and he longers himself in the herb.

Hanging this time, in Hollywood Beach, California, Bézu has got a bad feeling. His little finger says him that the planet has a big danger. So, he stops to surf into the couching sun, and he phones to the US Air Force of the United States American.
- Hello, what is the trouble with the Earth?
- We detected one object flying non-identified near to Chicago, Illinois. It landed.
- Is there victims?
- No, and we are going to send a nuclear bomb to save Chicago, Illinois.
- Is it not going a bit too fast in bisons? Maybe I can intercept him, because he is the Fredastor sent to the system solar every millenary?
- OK, Bézu, I give you 48 hours!

Bézu enfiles his combination, and take his private helicopter to the direction of Chicago, Illinois. The travel into the helicopter durates 47 hours, so he has the time to make himself a sandwich. The sandwich is very good, and Bézu tells him: "This is one good sandwich".

This is the day in Chicago, Illinois, and Crockett the Predator is waken up by a giant dog. All these stories about sandwich have given hunger to Crockett, so he eats the dog. "Mmwwwaaaaaaaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!", is saying Crockett. At this instant, the space terror alien hears the noise of the Bézucopter. He puts his invisible clothes, and the clothes were in a special bag with "Bag Of The Transparent Clothes" written on it in Predator language, where he usually conserves his invisible clothes, otherwise it was not possible to know where they are, because even the eye of the lynx does not see them. Before, some Predators had the transparent pantashort, but they have all died because the enemies could see the mollets.

Bézu chops over the Predator, but nothing to signal. But he had listened to the Predator before, but he sees peanuts. But he feels the supercherry, so he cries: "Where is the Labrador?!?". Suddenly, Bézu understands the situation: "I see, it has the transparent clothes, so I see not. Maybe I should send some hair-to-gratting, and the Perlarbor will be obliged to remove his clothes, and it will be naked!". The plan is malicious, but Bézu owns not the hair-to-gratting. So, he must imagine a B plan: "Maybe the Micheltor is allergic to the hair of the cat, and I have one cat". Consequently, he attached the cat under the rotor, and all the hair if off the cat after one short time.

Suddenly, the Predator atchoums. He atchoums once, he atchoums twice, and then he appears like by magic. "You are here, Gardunor! Now, it is my turn to save the free world of the brave!", and Bézu parachutes himself.

Bézu is not allergic to the cat, so he tells: "I would use the translucide clothes, however where they are?". But this is not the moment to ask yourself questions, because Bézu is face to face with the furious Predator.
- My name is Bézu, and I am here to save the humanity against the bad.
- My name is Crockett, and I am...
- are one Albator, and you come from Albania.
- I am one Predator, and I search the more strong...
- ...warrior of the Earth.
- Are you the Bézu?
- Yes, yes.
- I fight you so I become from Ramor to Kastor in the scale of the Predators. You are going to...
- ...suffer the vengeance of the thunder monster.
- No, you are going to die in the torture of dark anger from satan.
- OK. Little import the details, Cotdarmor, but you should remove the glasses before the combatting.
- This is not my glasses, these are my...
- Because I do the martial kung-fu in club!

Without shouting railway station, Bézu does the side-kick nunchaku in the face of the Predator, and says "Woyoooaaaaaaaaahhhhh!". The Predator responds with a uppercut into the jaws, and a direct into the jewels of family. This gives to Bézu the fury of the dragon! He is literally mad, so that he said: "Ah, ah, you think you can impress me, Marilor, but you know not my secret weapon". All of a sudden, Bézu uses the revolver eyes. Bézu shines like a starlight, and this blinds the Predator, and then Bézu does the kiss of death that kills. Smack! Slurps! Gloops!

The Predator is K.O., and seems to be immobile. Bézu talks to the Predator, and tells: "This is the end of the beans, Eurospor. You can go back to Oulanbator". But Crockett is not agree, and it starts the countdown to his atomic bomb into the bracelet.
- I have programmed the bomb, and everybody is going to explode this night at two hours eight, ah, ah, ah!
- At two hours eight?
- Yes!
- But there will not be two hours eight, because today this is the change of hours, so we are going to jump directly to three hours! Your machiavelic conspiration to dominate the world will not working!
- No?
- No!
- Mrrrooooooooorrrrhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

As a conclusion, Bézu saves all the Earth.
- So, Bézu, do you feel good?
- Very good!
- Will you give some advices to the young children who admire you like a hero of the 21st century?
- Yes, it is very important, because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow!
- And so, what do they must to learn?
- Meal the world! Make it a better place! For you and for me, and every animals!